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DH Sports is an International Group specialized in football industry, focus mainly on players and coaches career management, clubs and investments.

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Ricardo Cabrita

With a background in football industry, Ricardo has built up 19 years’ experience in Youth Coach and as Player Agent.

Accustomed to complex and demanding environments, he believes that results are achieved through strength of commitment and team work. An optimist by nature, he fosters the harmonious professional surroundings that lead to profitable long-term relationships.

Ricardo understands that personal happiness is key to professional success, and aims to find a positive balance in his friends and family.

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Tomé João Vaz

Specialized in football industry in the last 25 years as a football player, player agent and director of football.

Tomé João Vaz formula is sustained on creating good and reliable relationships that can guide us to a global entrepreneur environment.
Personally believes that a good and calculated strategy in this business can take us to success in a higher and fast way.

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LLEON Group is an investment company with leadership of Noel Gomes and Mário Lopes, that acts as a strategic partner, identifying potential partnerships around the world, and finding operational and financial solutions to supporting the process.

We exist to exert a positive influence in all phases of the business cycle, working to build a long-lasting relationships (www.lleongroup.com).